Privacy Policy

Our production servers are in the UK and we comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as described in the following:

Our responsibilities as a Data Controller

We collect personal data about you and users that you have given access to the system. This information includes the user’s name and email address.

This data is stored in:

• Rackspace UK Ltd London data centre
• Pipedrive Oü CRM system
• Constant Contact, Inc emailing system
• Zendesk, Inc support ticketing system
• The Rocket Science Group (Mailchimp), outbound email processing
• Maventa Oy, outbound invoice delivery
• Manu Online Oy internal systems

The purpose of storing this data is to inform users of updates to System, provide customer support and other general business and marketing information work. New users added to the system will automatically be added to email information lists. Each user can unsubscribe from the list by clicking the link for this in the email.

Our responsibilities as a Data Processor

Data entered to the system is stored in Rackspace UK Ltd London data centre. Backups of the data are stored in the same data centre. Off site backups are stored in Manu Online Oy internal systems.

By using the system, you give explicit consent for the storage of personal data on our system. “Sensitive personal data” as defined in GDPR regulations may not be entered into the Service.
Credit card numbers for payment of our services are not stored by Manu Online or its associates.

Data deletion: after terminating the contract for whatever reason, data will be finally and permanently deleted from Manu Online systems within 12 months of termination. For immediate deletion please contact us.

Access and ownership of data entered to the system

Our customers’ data is stored by the Service Provider as part of the Service shall remain property of the Customer. Access to this data is restricted so that it may only be accessed through the Service and only by Users who are logged in using a username and password created by the Customer or App id and Account Key (if using the optional API); or employees of the Service Provider or a designated third party contractor who have been designated by the Service Provider as technical contacts in respect of the Service (for example designated members of the Customer’s help desk or consultant roles, system administrators for the database, database administrators). The Customer’s data shall be considered to be the confidential information of the Customer.

If the Account has been created by a Partner on behalf of the Customer, by default one or more employees registered by the Partner in Manu Online’s partner program will have full access to the Customer’s data. The First User, or other user nominated with Administrator rights, may delete or disable or limit the rights of these Users in their Account.