Sales and manufacturing in different countries? Or split between different companies?

International business can be a challenge for your business processes. The costs of systems can be exorbitant, especially when you want to support just small sales and service operations in other countries.

Manu Online Multi Company Edition allows you to have one single, global system to manage your sales, inventory, manufacturing, procurement and invoicing. This system connects to small company cloud accounts systems supported in our countries of operation. We work with Xero and Visma, companies that have compatible accounts systems supported through out the world.

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Set up multiple stock locations and even multiple manufacturing locations in different companies and manage them all in the same system.

You can set the correct level of access for each user: at their local business unit, at all business units in their local company or full global access.

While the user interface is in English, you can set “customer facing” reports such as invoices and confirmations to any of ten different languages, and this includes your product descriptions.

Our Multi Company Edition includes all the features of the Enterprise and lower editions. The exact configuration will be configured to suit your business. Contact us for further information.

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