ERP Software For Automotive Manufacturing

Our ERP system for the automotive manufacturing industry streamlines the entire production process, from material sourcing and inventory management to quality control and finished goods delivery – all on one platform. With an intuitive user interface, you can access real-time data, accelerate production and achieve higher-quality results with less effort.

Whether you are a manufacturing operation with 10 or 20 employees, 200 or more, we have an ERP solution to handle your daily challenges and keep your business future-proof.

Accesing and analysing data is key to automotive manufacturers. It helps make better decisions in order to maximise profitability and overall efficiency. It is essential that your business processes are both fast and efficient in the automotive manufacturing industry – which is why we’re here to help.

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The automotive ERP software solutions you need to succeed

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for automotive manufacturing is an effective, all-inclusive solution that aids your day-to-day operations. From sales to servicing, data is essential to take better decisions. The ERP allows you to access the data about your vehicles in real time. It helps monitor performance, assess productivity and resolve problems quick.

Automotive ERP systems mean your business will have all the departments integrated, centralised information and eliminated the need for disparate systems used to manage different processes.

Benefits of using Manu Online’s automotive ERP solutions

Challenges faced by automotive manufacturers

Let’s analyse some of the challenges:

Reduction in cost

In order to track many of the processes, from sales, repairs and customer support, automotive manufacturers tend to use different systems. By implementing and ERP, this consolidates and integrates disparate systems that exist in your business.

Although on the surface it may not show, by connecting your departments, such as sales, purchasing, finance, production and warehousing through an ERP software, it significantly reduces expenses, centralises information and makes your business processes more effective.

You also don’t need to train different users on different systems. It saves time and makes everything smoother.

Reporting tools

Using the right ERP software, such as Manu Online, your departments will be able to generate valuable reports regarding expense statements, inventory level status, sales reports, purchase reports, income reports and a whole lot more. 

By doing this it will bring agility into your automotive business. Generating and accessing this data it empowers business owners to make vital decisions based on the data and respond quickly to crucial situations.

Inventory management

Manufacturers in the automotive industry rely heavily on firmly fixed inventory and production processes. By deploying an ERP software such as Manu Online with a comprehensive inventory management module can help simplify these processes mentioned and remove issues of carrying costs. Carrying costs are the costs incurred because of excessive stocks.

Furthermore, understocking can lead to a termination of production, therefore an ERP software can help ensure there is always adequate stock in hand. 

Overall, as production is affected this also affect your lead times to deliver the product to the customers which leads to low customer satisfaction and can bring down reputation.

Another interesting feature for automotive manufactures is that ERP software can make them aware of inventory levels. For instance, if any items go below a certain level, they can then be alerted and order enough to replenish those items.

This means that the raw material will always be in balance with production requirements.

Quality control

While quality control is an important element in any industry, in the automotive industry is predominant as after all the safety of the staff involved can be affected.

ERP software have quality control features in place that enable the operations to ensure quality from start to finish, all the way to the delivery.

For instance, components are tracked in real-time from the initial stage of manufacturing or assembly right to the finishing and delivery.

This allows business owners to gain control and visibility over the process which will lead to opportunities to solve problems and remediation in advance. It also eliminates products that cannot be rectified so that only high-quality finished products can be maintained.

Multi-level make-to-order

Assemble to order, final product is configured from the standard sub-assembly. For example, the ERP will be able to help tracking and action the following. 

Production replenishes buffer with components and subassemblies and then the order is assembled based on the customer demands, i.e. if a standard feature of a car needs to be upgraded to a specific one. 

How does Manu Online ERP software for the automotive industry work?

Manu Online can help automotive manufacturers streamline your organisation’s operations, optimise the automotive manufacturing process and giving you accurate and actionable data rather than having to rely on estimations.

Reporting on past sales data, the system can enable  financial management to make pretty accurate sales forecasts for upcoming periods by allowing manufacturers to work out in advance the requirements for raw materials. This ensures uninterrupted production levels by providing the necessary data to both procurement and production.

By using Manu Online, original equipment manufacturers remove the under or overstocking which can lead to accurate delivery lead times and the optimisation of the inventory operations.

The traceability features included in the system allows manufacturers to trace parts and components in order to improve inventory and supply chain management and adhere to compliance requirements.

Furthermore, it also provides critical information related to repairs, defective products, progress of the process and quality checks. All these elements will increase the customer satisfaction and aid with customer relationship management after delivery.

In the long run, deploying the correct automotive ERP solution will help your business enjoy a large cost saving, improve productivity and increase profitability.

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