ERP For Electronics Manufacturing

Our ERP system for the electronics manufacturing industry streamlines the entire production process, from material sourcing and inventory management to quality control and finished goods delivery – all on one platform. With an intuitive user interface, you can access real-time data, accelerate production and achieve higher-quality results with less effort.

Whether you are a manufacturing operation with 10 or 20 employees, 200 or more, we have tools available for you to handle your daily challenges and keep your business future-proof.

MRP (Material Requirements Planning) is a subset of ERP systems that helps businesses manage the materials and resources needed for production. For the electronics manufacturing industry, MRP is an essential tool to optimize production processes and ensure timely delivery of products to customers. 

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The electronics ERP software you need to succeed

One of the main features of manufacturing ERP software for electronics and parts manufacturers is the ability to protect high-tech, sensitive electronic components with process visibility. 

With an ERP, electronics manufacturers have access to information such as how the parts are organized and the justifications for each replenishment quality, which limits the amount of excess physical stock on site, adds inventory management capabilities and streamlines your electronics supply chain management.

Here are some features that an MRP system for electronic manufacturing services should have:

  • Inventory control
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) management
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Capacity Planning
  • Procurement Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Reporting

Customer Success Stories

Delcon Electronic relays

Benefits of using Manu Online’s electronic manufacturing ERP solutions

It’s simple and very easy to deploy. Give time back to other tasks.

Configure the system to meet your exact requirements.

Keep an eye on what’s going on. Trace your items, materials, batches, expiry dates and much more.

Never again are critical components “forgotten” and remembered only when it is time to ship to the customer.

Reduce inventory costs, speed up throughput, and increase profit. Full visibility on your products and materials.

Use native applications already available in Manu Online or connect others through our modern Open API.

Challenges faced by electronics manufacturers

  • Inventory Control: An MRP system should track inventory levels and provide real-time visibility into stock levels, locations, and movements. It should also have features to manage reorder points, safety stock, and lead times.

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: An MRP system should allow you to create and manage BOMs for your products. This helps you keep track of the components and raw materials required for manufacturing.

  • Production Planning and Scheduling: The system should have features to help you plan and schedule production based on demand, capacity, and resource availability. It should also have the ability to reschedule production if there are any unexpected changes in demand or supply.

  • Capacity Planning: An MRP system should have the ability to manage production capacity based on available resources, labor, and equipment.

  • Procurement Management: The system should be able to manage procurement processes, including purchase order creation, supplier management, and delivery tracking.

  • Work Order Management: An MRP system should be able to manage work orders, including creating work orders, tracking progress, and closing out completed work orders.

  • Reporting and Analytics: The system should provide real-time visibility into production processes and generate reports and analytics to help you make data-driven decisions

How does Manu Online ERP software for the electronics industry work?

Overall, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the electronics manufacturing industry should be customizable in order to meet the specific needs of your business and adaptable to changing market conditions. 

By implementing a customized ERP or MRP system, electronics manufacturers can improve production efficiency, reduce waste and inventory costs, and improve customer satisfaction by delivering products on time. 

In fact, Manu Online has a real-time scheduler that keeps a clear record of what materials are allocated to which orders, helping you deliver operational excellence throughout your supply chains.

This is for materials at all stages of the manufacturing supply chain: final goods inventory, work orders (work in progress), subassembly inventory, component inventory, and open purchase orders. In addition, there is an immediate reaction to any changes in requirements, most typically new orders arriving from customers.

Now the make-to-stock type of work is pushed further down the electronics manufacturing process chain to circuit board level, where there is a lot of final product commonality. This allows the work order sizes to be larger at that earlier stage, but faster and smaller at the later stage. 

The overall result is shorter lead times for customer orders, even during busy times. When you walk into production with a copy of the order book now, you see people making stuff that is actually needed.

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