Lot Tracking

How does lot tracking benefit your business?

We had mentioned previously the purpose of serial number tracking. How about lot tracking? What is the purpose of that?

Lots (some people refer to them as “batches”) are created when a number or amount of product is manufactured in one process, typically a production work order. For purchased items, lot numbers are often specified by the original manufacturer and can be recorded at receipt time. In this way, a company’s lot management process can cover both manufactured and purchased items.

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Traceability and Tracking

Lot tracking helps manufacturers trace and filter products by usage, expiration dates or production dates. Lot tracking is often multi-level so parts or ingredients can be tracked through different levels of subassemblies to the original manufacturer.

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In Manu Online everything centres on the work order. As well as material usage, a work order contains process and quality information plus who has been working on the lot. Financial information for costing is also in the work order. Lot tracking allows a certain product to be tracked back to all this data.

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