Flexible pricing - pay only for the users and features you need

Mini Enterprise


(£215 from 1.1.2024) per month

Automate your business processes without needing more admin staff.

From 3 concurrent users
10 operators
Unlimited named users
Additional concurrent users £58 (£65 from 1.1.2024)

What’s Included
  • Core system of sales, purchasing, warehouse manufacturing and invoicing
  • Real time MRP planning

  • PDF and Excel reporting
  • After sales product tracking
  • Multilocation inventory
  • Serial numbers and lot tracking
  • Production planner
  • Multiple step routing
  • Bar codes in production
  • Integrations via Zapier
  • Full access to all updates

Most Configurable Option



tailored for you

Advanced features that let you take control of your business.

From 5 concurrent users
Custom operators
Unlimited named users
Additional Features available

What’s Included
  • Mini-Enterprise Edition plus:
  • Bulk processing
  • Dimensions – creation of work order demand based on product dimensions
  • Multiple shipping units
  • Private API apps
  • Ticketing support
  • Full access to all updates



tailored for you

Handle multiple companies in the same group and integrate overseas sales offices.

Custom concurrent user count
Custom operators
Unlimited named users
Additional MBU’s £100 / $130

What’s Included
  • Enterprise Edition plus:
  • Multiple companies in one system.
  • Multiple regions
  • Multiple business units
  • Direct sales from factory to customer
  • Multi-country stock fulfilling
  • Full access to all updates

Save with an annual contract

12 months for the price of 11 when you pay annually

What support do I get after the trial period?2022-05-31T07:16:54+01:00

You have access to a ticketing system; we normally answer every ticket within the same day if it has been raised in the morning. Furthermore, we offer health checks and ongoing consultancy. You also have access to a “Getting Started” guide in the system.

Is there any support to set up the system?2022-05-31T07:16:59+01:00

Absolutely! We want to make sure you are making the correct choice, for us the process is very important as every manufacturing business does things differently. That’s why we are doing a prototyping for you. In a “nutshell” this is a way for you to make sure the process from your factory is replicated in the system. We will take a sample of your data and create that for you.

How do I get billed for the system?2022-05-31T07:17:04+01:00

If you are on a monthly subscription, you will be billed from the 1st of each month. I.e. if you commence you service mid-month we will calculate and invoice the remaining days until the 1st the following month and then start your billing.

What’s the difference between users and operators?2022-05-31T08:50:53+01:00

A user can have full access on the system. For instance, production managers, operations, accountants, sales, or any other employees that require unrestricted access on the system.
An operator is someone that is working on a specific machine in the factory. They have restricted access and therefore can only see the relevant work cells. They can have their time recorded on the machine and see any upcoming work instructions or materials required for that.

What does “Partners” mean?2022-05-31T07:16:31+01:00

In the “Partners” section you can add or create your suppliers list, customers, subcontractors, prospects, or others. You can do that by accessing the side dashboard in the “Sales Module” and click on “new”.

Can I delete data if I need to (i.e. after trial)?2022-05-31T07:16:36+01:00

Data deletion is allowed on the system. This means that you can delete all your current data from the Admin section. Use this while you are trialing the system. For security, when you are ready to go live, please disable the feature. (Our support team can re-enable it if needed.)
You can delete “all orders”, “all orders and items”, “orders, items and partners”.

Can I bring my data into the Manu Online system?2022-05-31T07:16:41+01:00


There are five ways to get this data into your system:

  1. Import it from a supported accountancy system. (Press the import button below – You can access that by going to the “ADMIN” module > Start up wizard.)
  2. Copy and paste it from a spreadsheet using this wizard. (“ADMIN” module > Start up wizard > “Sample here”. (Press “Next” at the bottom of this page.)
  3. Type them in one by one. (Sales menu, Item and Partners dashboards.)
  4. Use the spreadsheet import tools on the Sales -> Other operations menu. (The “Analysis reports” extension is required. See Admin -> Licensing.)
  5. Let us do it for you. Contact support and ask about our Quick Start package.
Do I need credit card details for the trial?2022-05-31T07:16:45+01:00

For the trial you do not need to add any credit card details. Once the trial or prototyping has finalized you only then need to add your payment method and accept the Manu Online T&C’s.

Am I able to cancel the subscription at any point?2022-05-31T08:45:46+01:00

If you are choosing a monthly subscription, you will be able to upgrade, downgrade, change the number of users or operators at any point through the admin section in your system. If you wish to cancel a subscription Manu online will require at least 1 month notice prior to the cancellation date.

If you are using an annual subscription, again you would be able to upgrade, downgrade, change the number of users or operators at any point through the admin console. This will not affect your current agreement and you will not enter into a new annual agreement.

In both cases you account will stay active until the subscription period ends.

What is the cancellation process?2022-05-31T07:17:52+01:00

You can cancel by accessing the ticketing support within your Manu Online system or contact support via email.

Additional Premium Support

Ensure you have the best support and keep your business running smoothly.

Personal Consultancy Allocation
Dedicated Account Manager
Quarterly Account Review 
Project Management Access

Concurrent user pricing: you decide and set the maximum number of concurrent users that can be logged into your system at the same time. The number of named users (with usernames and passwords) is unlimited. If a user does not log out, they will be logged out automatically after 2 hours of inactivity and their license released. An “Operator” is a person for whom time is being recorded against production work orders. Use of the work cell screen for collecting operator time is not counted against the licensed concurrent user count. Additional operators can be licensed in packs.

Ticket-based support is provided according to our Fair Use policy. Additional training, consultancy and data migration services are available.