Production Scheduling

Production scheduling will increase your manufacturing efficiency. Manu Online includes a real time scheduling system based on sales order entry and work order creation. Plan manufacturing and procurement activities in a more efficient way!

What happens if your business grows from a few people handling the shop floor to many more? Well, things can get out of hand quickly in a busy workshop. Stay on top of your manufacturing operation, by optimising production and scheduling and maximising efficiency on the shop floor!

Production scheduling can increase your efficiency and profit!

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Here are some basic principles of the scheduling system in Manu Online:

  • Quantities of each material item are allocated to each individual, undelivered sales order line.
  • The allocation takes place when the sales order is activated. For this reason, sales order activation can be fast by a few seconds or slow by a few minutes (depending on the availability and complexity of the products on the sales order).
  • If products are being made to stock, then items are allocated to a work order without being also allocated to a sales order line.
  • The allocation happens according to a first-come, first-served principle.
  • The allocation process will cascade through unlimited levels of product structure, as specified in the items’ “Manufacture template” on the Item card, until only purchase materials are encountered.
  • The allocation process will first check for unallocated products/subassemblies in inventory and then for products/subassemblies in open work orders.
  • The allocation process will also allocate materials from undelivered purchase orders.
  • Non-material items (such as work or machine) will be planned but are not allocated.
  • It is recommended, but not required, to receive and ship materials correctly according to their allocations.
  • During the use of the system certain allocation problems may occur, for instance, inventory quantities change or products are shipped to an order to which they are not allocated. These problems will be fixed by the system in the following night, or they can be fixed immediately by running a manual rescheduling operation.
  • It is possible to configure the system to rerun allocations during the night. The parameters for this are set by the service provider. Contact the help desk for further information.
  • Sales forecasts are not included in material allocations. However, they are included in purchase planning when using the optional purchase planner.
  • If insufficient material items are available, planned orders will be created. Planned orders can be for work orders or purchase orders

“Timing is important in manufacturing. Higher stock turnover makes customers and owners happy!”

Anne – Manu Online Senior Consultant

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