Core Features

Core features – Manu Online is suitable for small and medium sized companies in manufacturing and also B2B material supply. All Editions of Manu Online contain the base functionality for running a business that handles materials and manufacturing.

  • Create resell and manufactured products. Create components for use in manufacturing
  • Create customers and suppliers
  • Enter sales orders
  • Make and buy products
  • Enter work hours and other consumables to work orders
  • Inventory control. Control material and product costs according to FIFO principles
  • Create sales invoices, enter supplier purchase invoice to check against receipts
  • Transfer sales and purchase invoices to supported cloud accounts systems

We have been setting up manufacturing companies between 5-150 employees for over 10 years now. Manu Online is a perfect fit for organisations that are making a start in the ERP/MRP space or replacing old/complex systems that are not future proof.

Your organisation will gain control across all your manufacturing operations. We believe in LEAN manufacturing. Manu Online gives you all the tools you require to make your manufacturing company move faster, with less admin. You will have the peace of mind that operations will meet your promises to customers now and in the future.

Manu Online system will connect every department of your company and bring the data together in one place for full visibility and control. Reduce inventory costs, speed up throughput and increase profit. The goal is for your company to grow faster. Being cloud-based you can also have access to real-time data globally from any device with just an internet connection.

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