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Serial numbers and lot tracking


Serial numbers and lot tracking permit extensive traceability of materials in the system, including in multilevel product structures.

Serial numbers track individual items. Lot numbers track batches of items.


  1. Trace which serial numbered or lot numbered items have been received and where have they been used or to whom have they been sent.
  2. Serial numbers can be strictly enforced so that only serial numbers that have been created can be used. Alternatively serial numbers can be recorded only, in which case product serial numbers are recorded on dispatch without regard to previously creating them in manufacturing.
  3. For critical materials, forms part of your quality system.

How to start using

  1. License this extension from the licensing wizard in the Admin main menu.
  2. In the item card, technical tab specify that the item has either serial number tracking or lot number tracking. Optionally specify a prefix for serial numbers. Normally you will have zero stock for items when you start using this feature so that all items are covered as they received or produced.
  3. If necessary contact support if you wish to have a bulk update of items in your system according to some criteria, or if you wish to set up lot numbers or serial numbers for existing stock.
  4. At receipt, manufacture and product dispatch, enter the serial numbers or lot numbers as prompted by the system. It is not possible to complete these documents if the correct data is not entered.