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Analysis Reports


Allows on screen data analysis with drill down and pivot tables. Reports can also be emailed as Excel attachments with core data and also predefined pivot tables.


  1. Significantly enhances the reporting features of the system.
  2. Users can set preferred layouts of pivot tables. Also company standard layouts can be configured and enforced.

Getting Started

  1. License the extension from the Admin menu.
  2. On each dashboard there will be a section for Analysis reports in the reports drop down list. Open a report. Set a filter criteria (it will improve performance if a filter is set on the popup rather than using the filters on the pivot table). Either press open or send. Open will open an on-screen pivot table. You can adjust the data, page, column and row fields. If required save the adjusted format as your own, or company default layout. Send will send the same underlying data as an Excel spreadsheet to you as an email attachment. For large data volumes it is recommended to send the data so that the pivot tables can be processed on your local machine.