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Multiple Production Locations


Add more than one production location to your account. Work with multiple factories or set up virtual factories at your subcontractors. Deliver materials between factories to make a whole manufacturing supply chain. Deliver some products from one factory and other products from a different factory, even when combined onto a single sales orders. At a larger scale consider grouping factories into different business units using the “Mulitple Business Units” Extension.


  1. Expand your manufacturing to multiple locations.
  2. Set up supply chains with subcontractors.
  3. Deliver from multiple manufacturing locations, even in the same sales order.

Getting started

  1. Ensure that the “Multiple Production Locations” extension is licensed on your account.
  1. In the Partner section, create a new partner record for the new factory. If the partner is already a stock location use that. On the Grouping tab, mark it as a production location.
  2. Set up route templates for any manufacturing that is to be done in the new location. This is in the Factory set up section.