Introduction to ERP.

Are you familiar with what “ERP” means? And how the world of ERP systems has changed in the time of cloud business systems?

An ERP or MRP (Materials Resource Planning) engine allows you to plan and manage sales, purchasing, manufacturing, stock control and invoicing.

The real time planning engine plans your procurements and manufacturing based on your net requirements from sales and manufacturing. Never again are critical components “forgotten” and remembered only when it is time to ship to the customer.

For further information, check out the video below:

“Currently manufacturers are facing particular challenges with supply chains and staffing. It is therefore important that a company’s procurement and production planning are accurate and prompt. Many companies are also starting to “near shore their operations, for instance by performing final assembly against order and with short delivery times. This gives a huge competitive edge compared to companies that buy standard products in bulk with longer delivery times.”

James Casserly, Director of Manu Online

We make ERP Easy and Powerful

To keep a competitive edge and effectively run your business by introducing LEAN manufacturing processes, leaving your ERP needs to our Manu Online consultants is a step in the right direction.

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