Zero to Manufacturing ERP in Just 10 Minutes

There are a lot of issues to be considered when setting up a new system. But can the basics be done in just 10 minutes?

This video shows the essentials about how Manu Online’s real time planning system allows you to easily create purchase and work orders based on information derived from sales order demand.

Steps in the video:

  1. Connect to an accounts system and import partners and items
  2. Copy and paste a bill of materials to one item, which makes it a product
  3. Enter a sales order
  4. See planned purchasing for the sales order and create the purchase order
  5. Receive the purchase order
  6. See planned manufacturing and create the production work order
  7. Issue materials to the work order and complete it.
  8. Ship the products to the customer
  9. Create the invoice based on order and shipping details

Note there is no voice over on the video.