Standard Edition

Straight forward yet powerful way to get started with Manufacturing ERP


Small and micro companies can now get started with a “proper” manufacturing MRP / ERP system. Controls sales, purchasing, inventory, production work orders and invoicing.

Manu Online Standard Edition includes all of the basic process management tools that experienced manufacturing managers expect. Proper business control is now accessible to smaller manufacturing companies using cloud systems. Our users for the Standard Edition are typically in the range of 5 to 30 employees.

Standard Edition Graphic
Standard Edition Sales Order

Entering a sales order will generate demand for manufacturing and purchasing and/or allocate materials from inventory. Costs can be tracked by entering materials, work time, machine time, subcontract or other costs to work orders and this will flow through to the margin you see on your sales orders. All of our Editions can be connected to the popular Xero accounts systems for bookkeeping and financial management.

Have you considered this? Keeping your inventory values correct in real time removes a lot of the stress of running a small company. As does knowing exactly what products have cost when you make and then sell them.

When you need more powerful manufacturing features such as multilocation or traceability then upgrade seamlessly to our Mini Enterprise Edition.


£45 or $59 per month including 2 concurrent users and 10 operators (unlimited named users) Additional concurrent users £19 or $25. Click here for free trial.

Concurrent user pricing: you decide and set the maximum number of concurrent users that can be logged into your system at the same time. The number of named users (with usernames and passwords) is unlimited. If a user does not log out, they will be logged out automatically after 2 hours of inactivity and their license released. An “Operator” is a person for whom time is being recorded against production work orders. Use of the work cell screen for collecting operator time is not counted against the licensed concurrent user count. Additional operators can be licensed in packs. Choice of GBP or USD depends on your location.

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