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Cloud ERP for Manufacturing Companies

Manu Online is a Cloud ERP system designed specifically for manufacturing companies. Using Manu Online helps you increase efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating manual processes and reducing errors. You will also have real-time visibility into your business, enabling you to make better decisions, faster.

Our ERP system has been designed to improve accuracy and speed, making it easy for users to create meaningful reports quickly from the large amount of data stored in the system.

Mini Enterprise

Manu Online Mini Enterprise Edition allows you to handle the advanced processes that experienced manufacturing managers expect. Proper business control is now accessible to smaller manufacturing companies using cloud systems.


Manu Online Enterprise Edition includes all of the powerful process management tools of our Mini Enterprise Edition but additionally allows you to handle the key processes in bulk. High volume manufacturing is now accessible to smaller companies using cloud systems.

Multi Company

Manu Online Multi Company Edition allows you to have one single, global system to manage your sales, inventory, manufacturing, procurement and invoicing. This system connects to small company cloud accounts systems supported in our countries of operation.

We solve the ERP challenge for manufacturing companies.

And we connect to external bookkeeping systems

By joining Manu Online through the PrimeGlobal association, you can say yes to a range of benefits that only PrimeGlobal members are having exclusive access to..

Manu Online automates the business processes of a manufacturing company whether a small startup or a larger company with multi-national operations.

We know that challenges like global cost management, compliance with local laws, stock control and planning connecting to external bookkeeping systems, and regulations can be daunting for small manufacturing companies. With Manu Online ERP, these problems are solved for you.

PrimeGlobal is an award-winning association of independent accounting and business advisory firms, comprised of over 300 highly successful independent member firms in over 100 countries. PrimeGlobal’s purpose is to enrich member firms through facilitating connections that create trusted relationships, learning, promote business opportunities, firm development, and growth.

Manu Online helps manufacturing companies maintain global production operations by providing seamless integration between them, their international customers, and other members of the alliance in different countries. We solve the challenge many manufacturers face in managing global operations.

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Benefits For PrimeGlobal Members

By joining Manu Online through PrimeGlobal, you get access to a wide range of benefits that help you stay competitive in today’s global market:

Faster Onboarding

Get new staff up and running quickly with full access to a range of ERP services. 

Account Management

Securely manage and access business information, no matter what country you’re in.

Service fees & Professional Services

Attractive fee structure and access to qualified professional services.


Attractive discounts for PrimeGlobal members.


Years of uptime



Products Managed

Global? No Problem

Run a global manufacturing and sales operation using Multi Company Edition.

Our Multi Company Edition ERP provides comprehensive support for:

  • Multiple stock locations
  • Multiple manufacturing locations in different countries
  • Multiple currencies
  • User rights set the way you want – at their local business unit, at all business units in their local area, or with full global access
  • 10 customer-facing languages to ensure proper internationalization
  • Intercompany sales orders
  • Realistic project costs.

With Manu Online, you can rest assured that all of your global operations will be fully supported and managed in one unified system. 

Sign up through the PrimeGlobal association today and join a world-class network of manufacturers. Enjoy the benefits of an integrated, reliable, and secure ERP solution designed to meet the needs of modern manufacturing companies.

Welcome to the future of manufacturing. Get started today.

Assisting manufacturing companies like yours!

See how we can help you be more successful!


What are common manufacturing ERP features?2023-04-12T12:02:17+01:00

Manufacturing ERP systems typically include features such as multi-level bills of materials, shop floor scheduling and tracking, job cost accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, advanced inventory control and reporting, and business intelligence capabilities. 

Depending on the system you choose, additional features like MRP may be included to help with specific manufacturing needs.

What does global ERP mean?2023-04-12T12:01:43+01:00

Global enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a system of integrated software applications that support the management of an international business. It enables companies to manage their operations across multiple countries, while still maintaining local control. 

Global ERP systems can provide a unified view of global operations, helping businesses track costs, identify inefficiencies and improve their overall performance.

Why does the manufacturing industry need ERP?2023-04-12T11:59:57+01:00

The manufacturing industry needs ERP to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve accuracy. ERP solutions can help companies manage their entire production process, from initial customer inquiries to the delivery of the finished product. ERP software also helps companies track inventory levels, identify bottlenecks in production processes, and optimize operations for efficiency and cost savings.

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