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The National B2B Centre is an independent ERP & IT consultancy with no hidden agendas.

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The National B2B Centre is a company that understands technology, business, and how implementing the right ERP and IT systems can have a very significant impact on your business performance and growth. No vested interests, no hidden agendas, just straightforward consultancy and training you can trust.

Whether it is creating an IT strategy, selecting a solution or managing an ERP project,  highly experienced consultants from the company will ensure you succeed.

The company believes that technology cannot be viewed in isolation. The approach is holistic, combining people, processes and technology. The company ensures that your technology is appropriate, your business processes are optimised and your people are correctly skilled.

The result: a fast path to success

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Martin King-Turner



Country: UK

Consultancy services offered:

ERP Implementation

ERP selection

Sharepoint and Office365

ISO 27001

IT Strategy

Digital Marketing

Nb2bC works with clients throughout the IT project life cycle from initial planning and solution selection to implementation and review. Whatever stage you are at, you can be sure that the B2B Centre and its independent IT consultancy will help you wring maximum value out of every pound you spend on IT.

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