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Chilcomb management provides financially-focused management and advisory services.

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Matthew Dreaper runs Chilcomb management. He has over 25 years of hands-on finance experience, including over 15 years as a Finance Director. Matthew was the FD of Nucare plc between 2006 and 2009; following the restructuring and sale of that business, Matthew set up Chilcomb with the aim of supporting the funding and growth of early-stage ventures.

Choose Chilcomb management if:

You are a growing business that wants the benefit of an in-house Finance Director at a fraction of the usual cost

You want advisory and management services from someone that understands your business

You appreciate the value of working with a qualified accountant who has played a leading role in a number of management teams

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Matthew Dreaper



Country: UK

“I need funding to grow my business”

Chilcomb’s solution:

We have extensive experience of raising equity and grant funding for new and growing businesses. We support you through the fund-raise process and guide you towards the most appropriate sources of finance.

We have delivered £47m of funding to clients and continue to support them as they grow their businesses.

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