Our August update has a few new features we think all our users will like. They are already available in your Manu Online system.

Here is the summary of the new features:

  • The “Light” Colour Theme
  • One-Off Delivery address

The “Light” Colour Theme

An additional colour theme is now available in Manu Online for your UI. This can be found in the Admin section and will have to be set up for each concurrent user as shown below. The font is slightly larger and the window is stretched for better visibility and user experience. The background colour theme as the name suggests is lighter. This will be visible when you try to access your:

  • Sales orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Item cards
  • Warehouse items
  • Work orders
  • Invoicing

If you are working full screen, try zooming your browser to get the best view of your data.

We hope you enjoy it! However, “Sky” and “Forest” will remain the two other themes, so there is no need to change them if you prefer.

Click to see more images of the “Light” theme!

One-off delivery address

We have now added a new feature to your sales orders.

You can now set up a one-off delivery address. You use it now and then it’s gone. This means that you no longer need to create delivery partners. You can create the one-off delivery address straight in the Sales Order > Header>One-off delivery address.

Click to see an image of where you can find the One-off delivery address inside the sales order!

Available now in all Manu Online editions.

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