Our November update is focused around a major update to our API but with a few minor improvements to the core system as well. Read below!

Major update to our API

Our API is being upgraded. The main change is the move to the industry standard OAuth2 authentication technology. OAuth2 sounds complicated but it makes authenticating to a private app much easier. Also is the introduction of version numbering as part of the API call. This version is “v2”.

If you are currently using our API version one, your apps will continue to work. However it is no longer possible to create new apps in version 1. Here is the link about how to upgrade your app https://www.manuonline.com/api-upgrading-your-api-to-version-2/ 

Read more about our api at https://api.manuonline.com and on the help documentation in the Integrations – Private Apps page in the system.

A couple of ease of use improvements

  1. When creating a sales invoice, the popup for selecting the customer will open automatically. After selecting the customer, if there are lines queued to be invoiced then the Add lines dialogue will also open automatically.
  2. The production planner has been streamlined so that filter and capacity boxes can be hidden when they are not needed.

Review your user lists

This is a reminder that if you are an admin for your account, now is a good time to review your list of users and delete any who have left your company or are otherwise no longer needed.

To see your user lists, go to Admin — Users. To delete a user select the user and click the Delete button.

Contact us for further information

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.