Manu Online operations running normally (Users’ news letter 2020-04)

Users’ news letter 2020-04 – Just a note about these challenging times:
All Manu Online business operations continue to run normally.

Over the last few years our internal systems have been migrated to cloud versions, so we are fortunate that we are able to work from our homes without any significant changes to our operations. We are here to support you and provide you with the tools to run your business. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Take a moment to review your user lists

If you are an admin for your account, now is a good time to review your list of users and delete any who have left your company or are otherwise no longer needed. Over the spring we are rolling out a technical upgrade to our authentication systems. This will be transparent to users but after this upgrade is complete, abandoned users will need to have their passwords reset if they are taken back into use. This will not be a difficult task but It is good practice to review your user lists regularly anyway.

To see your user lists, go to Admin — Users. To delete a user select the user and click the Delete button.

A fresh look to Manu Online is on its way

We will be rolling out a new look for our product over the next month or two. This is to introduce a more “modern” look with an optional new blue/grey colour scheme. The existing colour scheme will still be available if you prefer it. We will roll this out to a small group of our customers first and then gradually expand it as we incorporate feedback. It does not change the logic or basic layout of the program.

New features coming soon (Users’ news letter 2020-04)

Our next system upgrade has a new feature that will be useful for you if you are shipping out a lot of items. You will be able to barcode the closing of dispatches. This means that you can box up all your products, print the papers and activate the dispatch to get goods out of inventory, and then scan the boxes out quickly when they are loaded onto the truck. This helps keep a clear distinction between the different stages of the dispatch process. Contact us for more information if you interested in this feature.

In addition to this, there are number of minor bug fixes and minor improvements that will be informed directly to you if you are waiting on these. The update is scheduled in one to two weeks.

Contact us for further information

As ever, just drop us a line to our support team from the link in the program or our support email.

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.

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