Our December 2019 update includes a much requested feature: quantity-based pricing and discounts. These can now be used when entering new quotes and sales orders.

Additionally, over in the API technology, we have made significant advances in the support for fulfillment processes when using external warehouse suppliers. This feature is still in beta so please contact us if you need more information and would like to start a project for this.

Quantity-based pricing and discounts
When you  create price lists (either by uploading from Excel or by entering the data on the item card) you can now specify a minimum quantity for the price and discount entered. Of course you can add prices/discounts for the same item for multiple quantity break points.

People have three different ways to do this, and we support all of these. For an individual item you can add multiple rows with the same price but different discount percentages for different quantities, or you can add different prices and leave the percentage discount as zero. (Or any combination of these two ways of working are acceptable.) Finally, in the case that you are using zero discounts on price lists, then the overall discount for a customer applies. This allows you to have one price list with varying discounts for individual customers.

When you enter a quote or a sales order line, the system will now retrieve the price after you enter the item and the quantity. (Previously it retrieved the price after entering the item id).

Note that you must have specified a valid price list before adding lines to an order. The normal way to do this is to specify the price list for the customer on their partner card and then specify the customer on the order before entering lines. The discount on the partner card (rather than on the price list) is used only if the discount on the price list is zero. The currency of the price list must be the same as the order.

Quantity pricing and discounts are not supported when entering items to service work orders, direct sales or miscellaneous invoices. In these cases specify the prices directly.

There is also a range of minor bug fixes included. If you have reported an issue in a ticket then you will get an update to this ticket over the next few days.

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.