In a system upgrade scheduled for your account in the middle of next week we will be releasing a significant revamp regarding how lot tracking works in Manu Online. The objective of this revamp is to tighten the business logic on the use of lots and their relationship to stock quantities at locations.
Please read the information in this email. Most likely it will require action on your part either before or after the upgrade in order for your business processes to continue working smoothly when your users enter transactions with lots.


Up till now it has been possible to manually enter lot information (create lots, adjust lot quantities etc.) without direct connection to the quantities of materials in inventory. This has meant that many of our customers have a discrepancy between the total amount of items at a location and the total amount of lots at the location. The typical reason for this has been switching on lot tracking for an item which has existing stock and then not manually creating the lots. There were other legacy reasons as well for instance splitting a lot during a material transfer between two stock locations could cause problems up till one year ago.

This upgrade
In future it will not be able to adjust stock without specifying lots and vice versa.

To this end there will now be the following changes:

  1. Lot tracking can only be switched on for an item if the current stock quantity in all locations is zero.
  2. Lot tracking can only be switched on for an item if “allow negative stock” is not selected at any stock location. When doing stock control with lots there is no place for negative stock quantities.
  3. Adjustment to lots quantities is no longer possible via the traceability menu. It must be done from the stock adjustment screen.
  4. The lot tracking excel report will only be available for download, it will not be possible to upload lot information with this. Use the inventory excel to adjust inventory and lots at the same time.
Service work orders

In future we recommend that if you need to record breakages etc for missing stock, then you use service work orders to record item usage and not use the stock adjustment screen. This will give a clearer audit trail of how lots were consumed.

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.