Our October 2017 update makes a significant improvement if you are working with multiple stock locations. It is now possible to have the different lines of a sales order sent from different locations (as opposed to the whole order).

Sales order lines shipped from different locations
We are introducing the ability to enter a sales order which has lines different lines shipped from different locations.
If you are using multiple locations, please check that each user has the correct default location set in their user settings. When a user enters a new order, then the “ship from” address in the sales order header will be prefilled with this location, and this header data will be used for the default for each line.
When shipping the order, the location will show only the lines of an order that are from the selected location.
Note that this also has an impact on back to back orders. It is possible that a single sales order will create more than one back to back order in the case that you select different locations for different lines. Please be aware of this when activating the corresponding purchase orders.
Multiple stock locations is an optional feature (extension). Check Admin – Licensing to see if your system is set up to use multiple stock locations.
Stock locations and production locations
We have tightened the business logic that a location is required throughout the system where applicable. A stock location can also be or not be a manufacturing location. When a production work order is opened, then specify the manufacturing location. Whether a stock location is also a manufacturing location is specified on the partner card grouping tab.
Multi company
We are working on an enhancement of our system that will support having more than one company in one account. For instance this will support a sales office in a foreign country. This feature is not yet on general release, but if you are interested in it, please contact us.


API news
The location by line is also implemented on the sales order post API endpoint.
API errors will now return more clear http error status if an error occurs.
Other minor items
There are a range of minor bug fixes included. If you have reported an issue in a ticket then you will get an update to this ticket over the next few days.

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.