Our January 2017 update brings several new features and minor improvements.

Major update to the customer returns screen

The customer returns screen has been renewed. Apart from the cosmetic facelift, the screen now supports cash returns from direct sales with export to Xero as well as credit invoices if it was an invoiced sale. Also new is “opened box” returns, which is when a returned item is received back with a different item id to the original sale. The invoice margin report has been updated to show cash or credit values of returns separately (as opposed to part of the original sale, you can always sum them in pivot tables) Customer returns is an optional extension in Manu Online, if you don’t see it then check the licensing section.

Backflush items on creating the work order
There are additional options for controlling backflush. It is now possible to backflush items at the time a work order is opened. This means that when an order is created, all materials (or other item types) will be issued to the work order according to plan. For high volume production this means that data entry for items can be based on exceptions to the plan.
Operators screen is moved, and changes to the licensing of the Work Cell screen
The screen to set up operators has been moved from system settings to Production – Factory set up. We have also changed the licensing of the work cell screen (which is primarily used by production operators to enter factory data). This screen will no longer use a concurrent user count, so there is no limit now to the setup of workstations in your production. Create a user for each work station and select “Work cell kiosk” in the user type. When the user logs in, the work cell screen will be opened directly and no user count is taken. Our Mini Enterprise will include 10 operators for free which is sufficient for normal small customer operations, and packages of extra operators are available in the license section. If you have a customer specific price lists we have generally included sufficient operators to cover your current operations. Please contact support if you have any questions or comments about this new way of working.
PrintNode for receipt labeling

We have been pleased with the operation of the PrintNode service (this is the one that lets you print directly to barcode label printers, not for pdf). It has now been extended to use for receipt labels. It is a good idea label any incoming goods with receipt date, PO details and also barcodes. Now you can freely build your labels and print them on receipt.

API news
There are new endpoints for three reports: Sales order margin, Open work orders value and Work orders. There is also support for “modifiedafter” as a parameter is several of the get calls so you can keep track of which e.g. sales orders have been modified since your app made the last call.
Other minor items:
There have been a number of minor bug fixes and improvements which have affected individual customers. These will be updated on the specific tickets that you have raised with us.

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.