Our September 2016 update brings a couple of minor improvements:

Allowing or disallowing negative stock by item and by location
It is now possible to specify negative stock allowance by stock location. The check box for allowing negative stock is now on the partner card grouping tab (next to where stock locations are marked), and has been removed from system settings. The setting for all stock locations has been set from the existing system settings so by default there will not be any change in the way your system works. It is also now possible to exclude certain items from negative stock control i.e. these items can always go negative even if negative stock is not generally allowed at that location.
Support for multiple PrintNode printers in Direct Sales
Printnode printing can now be set up per register.
Implementing latest version Excel for data import/export
We will be switching over our Excel import/export technology from the “old” Excel (files that end in .xls) to the newer version (files that end in .xlsx). All of our customers will be moved over to the newer version by the end of the year. Now we will start rolling this out customer by customer. By default no customers are switched over yet, but if you have an interest in this matter please contact us and we will configure your system to use the new format already.
Updating the product returns screen
We are working on an update to the product returns screen. By default the new screens are not shown to our customers. If you are interested in trialing the new screen and giving feedback, please contact us.
Other minor items:
There have been a number of minor bug fixes and improvements which have affected individual customers. These will be updated on the specific tickets that you have raised with us.

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.