Our May 2016 update brings a couple of minor improvements:

Sales order excel import now includes option for deliver addresses
For those of you who are uploading new sales orders using the Excel tool, there is now the option to specify the delivery address separately from the customer address. You can also use the customer number as well to prevent creating new addresses.
Note that if you use this tool you need to download the latest copy of the template from the Sales menu – sales order dashboard.
Default tax code can be specified by partner
To improve support for US sales tax, it is now possible to set the default tax code on the partner card. This will override the current behaviour where the default tax code comes from the sales account. Use this feature if you need to use many different tax codes on the same sales account. Otherwise it is more convenient to leave it blank.
Improvements to the production planner screen

We have made several improvements to the usability of the production planner:

  • Locked period. Now there is possible to define a locked period for work cell and easily see work orders inside this period.
  • Define work order queue inside a day by dragging and dropping lines. The day’s work order queue is also taken to work cell as it’s defined in production planner.
  • Date changing made more visible
  • Added user’s name for uncommitted changes so that another user can see who has changed something.

Direct sales price lists
If the entered product does not exist on the price list currently being used for a direct sale, the system will check if the product exists on the system default price list and use that if available. A warning message will be shown in this case.

Multilevel product structure download
The excel download for product structures now has an option to include all child levels of a product selected.

Other minor items:
There have been a number of minor bug fixes and improvements which have affected individual customers. These will be updated on the specific tickets that you have raised with us. That’s it for this release!

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.