Our April 2016 update brings a couple of minor improvements:

Simplified and improved product structure import
For those of you who need to import long lists of items for product structures (aka bills of materials), we have simplified the excel transfer spreadsheet and have also added a new copy-and-paste import screen to the start up wizard.
There is now no need to specify the manufacturing template name, simply the product id, quantities are now positive numbers and there is no longer need for a “product line”. The downside of this simplification is that importing product structures with by-products is no longer supported; however this was so rarely used that the extra ease of use we are bringing now is worth it.
For further details read the instructions on the info page of the spreadsheet and in the start up wizard. If the start up wizard is no longer pinned to your home page, you can find it from the Admin menu.
Direct sales
It is now possible to enter a comment to a direct sales line. Also there are three new reports for direct sales: direct sales summary, details and analysis. If you are using direct sales please give us feedback of any opinion you have about the design of these reports.
Other minor items:
There have been a number of minor bug fixes and improvements which have affected individual customers. These will be updated on the specific tickets that you have raised with us. That’s it for this release!

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.