Our first update of 2016 brings three major feature improvements:

Multicurrency: Automatic updating of currency rates
Exchange rates will now be updated at the time orders or invoices are created. There is no need to update rates in the system settings screen any more, but you do need to go there to set the usage of individual currencies. Exchange rates are provided by xe.com, a company that specialises in this service. The exchange rates used each day are from midnight GMT.
Work order scheduling: Throughput times per piece
It is now possible to specify the “per unit” throughput time for products in manufacturing scheduling. The previous throughput times that are entered are fixed and can continue to be used as such, but now it is also possible to add a time in periods for each product manufactured. Go to the Item card -> Manufacturing tab -> Properties sub tab. There is a new field “Planned throughput periods per unit”. Because the default is zero, it will not affect your current data until it is taken into use.
Multistep Routing: Planned step dates now based on a percentage of throughput time
As part of this change we have also modified how the route step dates are calculated when a work order is created. Previously each step’s estimated start and finish date was based on the fixed number of days set in the route screen (ready on day). From now the route screen settings will be set as a percentage of the through put time of the product that is being used by the route. So for instance if the total thoughput is 5 days, there are 5 steps each of one day then the route steps will be  20%, 40%, 60%,  80% and 100%. Your existing data will be updated to reflect this change. As a result of the data change, your planned dates will now more accurately reflect the intention of the route and there will be no need to keep different routes for different product throughput times.
Other minor items:
There have been a number of minor bug fixes and improvements which have affected individual customers. These will be updated on the specific tickets that you have raised with us.

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.