Our September update brings a few new small features and improvements:

First of all the main items:

Credit check warning on sales order entry and dispatch.

The user can now receive a warning if a customer has overdue invoices or exceeds their credit limit. The warning is when the order or dispatch is activated.
This feature is only available to customers using the Xero connection or otherwise have sales and purchase ledgers in use.
There are two new control parameters in system settings:
  • Include sales orders in credit limit. If you are a make to order business, maybe you don’t want customers ordering from you if both orders and invoices combined exceed their credit limit.
  • Warn on late invoice payment (days). Set a number of days an invoice can be overdue before a warning is generated. If you don’t want to use this feature set it to a very high number e.g. 9999
If you do not want to use credit checking, just set the credit limit field to be blank (not 0) on the partner card – sales tab.

Direct purchase to work orders of subcontract or other cost items

If you purchase subcontract services, you can now specify the relevant work order on the purchase order line details tab. When you create the purchase order, if the item is not yet on the work order, it will be added. When you receive the order, then the item is automatically added to the work order as usage and the cost of entered to the work order will be that of the purchase order line. The cost on the item card will not be used.
This new system allows you to reuse the same item id e.g. “Painting” on different sized jobs that cost different amounts.
Note that this does not apply to materials because there is an existing allocation system for materials based on FIFO and inventory control.
Other minor items:
  • Improvements to adding serial number data on work cell screen.
  • Purchase order pdf is renamed when sending it as an attachment.
  • Fixed: serial number can not be entered on a work order that had its product structure revised.
  • On screen analysis report sometimes failed if criteria contained non-European characters.
  • Improvements to bar code support on work cell screen.
  • Product tracking: inactive serial numbers can not be used in dispatch.
  • Manufacture budget report supports multilevel structures.
  • Fixed minor layout problems with the latest version of Chrome.
  • Sales order agreed promise date is no longer a required field, and can be used as a filter in reports to list orders without agreed dates.
  • Create multiple sales invoices now adds the invoice person automatically.


For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.