July’s update brings a few small features and improvements:

First of all the main items:

  1. It is possible to hide the discount from the sales order acknowledgement report. There is a new check box on the sales order to do this, and the default value for it can be set in system settings. The purpose of this feature is if you are selling through wholesalers or distributers and wish to give an order acknowledgement to the end customer without showing the wholesaler’s discount.
  2. When sending a report from a form such as sales order (i.e. not the main menu) it is now possible to add the mail subject and text. This is useful when sending report directly to customers and suppliers.
  3. The mail delivery technology has changed. In future we will be using a managed mail provider called Mandrill. Also we will no longer send mails with the From address being users own email. The reason is that the risk of emails being filtered by the recipient’s email system is getting higher as the large email providers implement security changes to prevent this.

Other minor items:

  1. Creating multiple invoices now can be filtered by payment terms and invoice method (Extension required)
  2. There are improvements in the way that serial numbers are added in the dispatch process. An error will be generated if the serial number relates to a sales order that is Under construction. Serial number validation is improved.
  3. The work order material usage report now reports the person who used the material rather than the person that opened the work order.
  4. Open work orders value analysis now includes materials on service work orders.
  5. Improvements to the reliability and speed of the purchase order screen and the item popups.
  6. It is now possible to reference an agreement on a sales invoice line. (Agreement Extension is required)
  7. There is an updated screen for Create multiple work orders (Extension required). The link for this is on the Work orders dashboard. The link to the legacy screen is still available on the Other operations dashboard, and will be removed in a future release.

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.