We are updating our product to include various small improvements and bug fixes. Most noticeable is the addition of a “simple” invoice format. Further details are below.

Sales invoicing, simple invoice template

We have introduced a “simple” sales invoice template, and renamed the existing template.

So there are now three possible styles of invoices that you can send to your customers. The customer default can be set on the partner card, but from any invoice you can choose which invoice you wish to use.

  • Sales invoice (simple): This shows only one delivery address and associated dispatch details, so is not suitable for combined deliveries.
  • Sales invoice (full): Supports multiple deliveries on a single invoice. (This was previously called Sales invoice Std 2)
  • Sales invoice export: Includes extra information commonly required for customs.

Other minor improvements

Add a name for the rough cut unit of measure:
In system settings you can give a name for your rough cut unit of measure e.g. “m2” or “pcs”. It is displayed on the production planner screen. It will be included in other screens as we update them. This improves the usability of the screen and has no functional effect.

Improvements to the layout of the operators screen:
It is now easier to enter work items to the operators screen in system settings

Purchase invoice now supports the “day of the month” payment terms:
This kind of payment term was previously only available in sales invoices. Now it is also in purchase invoices.

Sales assistant role no longer has access to general sales reports in the main menu:
A sales assistant can not now access general sales reports. They can however access the reports on a sales order itself.

Partner card, personnel email:
Saving different people on the partner card now allows the same email address to be used on several different people. Previously this was prevented. This is so long as they are not using PartnerNet as the email address is the login name for PartnerNet.

Xero – Importing tax codes:
Importing the chart of accounts will now also import any custom tax codes have been created. After importing, you can hide unnecessary ones from the tax codes section of system settings

Sage One connection:
The mapping is now by partner ID, so it is now possible to change the short name of a partner.

Receipt alerts:
It is possible to set a receipt alert on a purchase order. So when the goods arrive the person will be emailed with an alert.

For any questions or queries, please contact us through the support link in the program.