E-Commerce connections to Manu Online

E-Commerce connections – Manu Online can be connected to a variety of cloud e-commerce systems such as Shopify, Woo-Commerce and ShipStation.

We can configure your data flow and business process to meet your needs. Unlike traditional fixed connections which support only one business model, we support the flexibility of Zapier to make the connections that suit just your business. In many cases, companies are using out sourced warehousing and fulfilment centres. These are called 3PL (3rd Party Logistics providers). Although Amazon is the global leader there are many different providers and many different ways of working. For instance your own warehouse might be “virtualised” as part of the 3PL’s logical network.

Traditional model (E-Commerce connections)

Sales orders are entered to Manu Online either manually or from a Zapier connected e-commerce channel. The 3PL, Warehouse Management System or Shipstation gets a copy of all orders. The warehouse staff monitor available deliveries in Manu Online but execute the dispatch in Shipstation to get carrier labels etc. When the dispatch is complete the data is posted back to Manu Online which will deduct stock and trigger invoicing.


  • Good control of what orders are going and when
  • Clear view in the ERP system of all orders and backlog, so purchasing can be planned against backlog
  • Suitable when products manufacturing is planned closer to order backlog than to forecast.

Replenishment Model (E-Commerce connections)

Sales orders go directly to the warehouse management system (WMS) at the 3PL or ShipStation used as an internal shipping and receiving process. The user can control shipments based on stock availability. Each complete shipment is posted to Manu Online as a direct sale, which just reduces finished good stock. Inventory is replenished by production work orders.  This model is good where the manufacturer is making longer runs of products that are sold one by one.


  • ERP system is not filled with the details of one-off mail order customers
  • “Dealer” orders can still go via manual order entry
  • Warehouse staff use only one system
  • Manufacture to forecast can be a good business model
E-Commerce replenishment model process

Read more about using our API to integrate an external WMS (Warehouse Management System) to Manu Online.

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