Manu Online has an open API for developers. For documentation go to

Private applications

As a developer, you can develop “private” applications for a specific customer. This might be for a specific integration, for example, to integrate data to or from an external business system or even a production machine. A private app is a piece of code that you run on your own computer or (more likely) cloud server that interacts with your Manu Online account using the Manu Online API.

To create a private app then you need programming skills, but nothing out of the ordinary compared to current standards for developing Restful API applications.

A few notes about using our API:

  • Check that your company’s Manu Online license includes “Private Apps & the API”. Most recent licences include this but some legacy license agreements do not. If you are connecting an external WMS then the “Fulfillment API” license is also needed. The fulfilment API is an extra cost on all agreements.
  • Create the app from inside your Manu Online account (Admin – Integrations) – no separate “developer” logins are needed. (The license for Private Apps & the API must be enabled to see this screen.)
  • Make sure at least one user has API rights at some level selected on the User admin screen.
  • After you create the account, ask us to “Enable” it. We check all new apps are bona fide.
  • If you are working against a test account, ask us to make it an extended trial if you need longer than 30 days to develop it.
  • One API application can be connected to up to three Manu Online accounts. Normally this would include your own test account and your customer’s account.
  • We use the industry standard OAuth2.0 authentication process. You will need to have sufficient knowledge of programming to be able to work with this.
  • Our API documentation can be browsed without creating an app. Just make sure you have the user credentials with API rights.

More details about how to create a private app (and upgrade from our earlier API technology) are here.

More details about the OAuth2.0 authentication protocols are here.

More details about our API and its documentation (OpenAPI/Swagger compatible) are here

Public applications

If you think that your app could be of benefit to many of our customers we can make it “Public”. Please contact us if you would like your application to be available to all customers.