Integrations with Azure

Build real-time integrations with Azure from Manu Online using web hooks and Azure Service Bus.

Microsoft Azure has a huge number of tools for storing and processing data. Many of these are extremely scalable in terms of both cost and performance. Manu Online has direct support for putting live data to an Azure Service Bus. From here you can build tools of your choice to store and process your Manu Online data.

The connection to Azure Service Bus is done by Manu Online web hooks. You can create a webhook that will put a package of data such as a sales order onto the bus when it is activated. Your own code, such as an Azure function, can listen for the data, pick it up of the bus and process to its destination.

The possibilities are limitless but the main uses are:

  • Data warehousing for your own reporting projects
  • Integration to other systems
  • Data storage under your own control for DR migration to other systems for compliance purposes


  1. A Manu Online account with a license for creating Private Apps
  2. An Azure account

To implement this:

  1. Create a user in your Manu Online account that has API rights
  2. Create a Private App in Manu Online
  3. Create a new Service Bus in Azure and create a queue under this Service Bus.
  4. Get or create the connection string to the queue from Azure
  5. Create a webhook in Manu Online by calling the endpoint for creating webhooks specifying the queue name and connection string from Azure, and the client ID of the Private App from Manu Online.
  6. Create whatever technology you need to read the data from the queue. For instance an Azure Function or Logic App.

Note that the connection string in Azure contains the access keys to your Azure data processing so should be treated as a password. We recommend to use a dedicated user account for each integration in Manu Online.

If you want to do an integration without coding, try the Manu Online integration to Zapier.