Cosmetic Manufacturing ERP Software Solutions

Our ERP solution streamlines the entire production process, from material sourcing and inventory management to quality control and finished goods delivery – all on one platform. With an intuitive user interface, you can access real-time data, accelerate production processes and achieve higher-quality results with less effort.

Whether you are a manufacturing operation with 10 or 20 employees, 200 or more, we have the industry expertise and cosmetics manufacturing software to handle your daily challenges and keep your business future-proof.

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The tools cosmetic manufacturing businesses need to succeed

In the cosmetic industry today, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Material Requirement Planning or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems are a must.

Looking at the manufacturing process in the cosmetic industry, the ability to provide real-time visibility, lot traceability, quality assurance, inventory control, security of the formulas used, regulatory compliance and strong customer relationship management is a must.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers in the cosmetic industry face a set of particular challenges, however, these can be overcome with the help of cosmetics manufacturing ERP software.

  • Stock times
  • The Emulsification Process
  • Dealing with very small quantities
  • Managing production to maximise quality
  • Maximum Energy Consumption

Benefits of using Manu Online’s cosmetic manufacturing software

It’s simple and very easy to deploy. Give time back to other tasks.

Configure the system to meet your exact requirements.

Keep an eye on what’s going on. Trace your items, materials, batches, expiry dates and much more.

Never again are critical components “forgotten” and remembered only when it is time to ship to the customer.

Reduce inventory costs, speed up throughput, and increase profit with full visibility into your products and materials.

Use native applications already available in Manu Online or connect others through our modern Open API.

Challenges faced by teams manufacturing in the cosmetics industry

Stock times

Speed up through-put times and introduce lean manufacturing. Getting the product from supply chain to market faster is a growing concern among cosmetic manufacturers. As the product demands grow, the supply and production facilities must also. Being able to track baches and oversee production is essential. 

The unique features of an ERP software system, such as lot tracking and other tools that can manage production can help cosmetic manufacturers to remain competitive by eliminating paper-based manual process and Excel spreadsheets that only hinder productivity.

The Emulsification Process 

The main raw materials in the cosmetic industry are oil and water. Therefore there are several steps in any given cosmetic production cycle time. Being able to break down and calculate this cycle time begins with the selection and production of these raw materials. 

The cooling period, for example, may make up the longest part of the cosmetics production process, accounting for approximately 60% of the overall cycle time. Track that time and associate costs using the work cell tools available in the production module of our ERP.

Dealing with very small quantities

Cosmetic manufacturing often entails mixing quantities of materials with extremely different amounts. For instance, the amount of perfumes in a batch may in milligrams. 

The system needs to support quantities with a large number of decimal places and also be able to purchase materials in the units of the supplier. For instance, buy in with 25 litre containers but use milligrams in products.

Managing production to maximise quality

Using spreadsheets in a modern day cosmetic manufacturing is risky. Accuracy of using the right ingredient dosage as well as tracking and use of the machines are priorities. Managing production parameters in order to maintain the necessary levels of quality is highly important. 

Maximum Energy Consumption

The Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) process uses a mix of chemicals, heat and water that is used to clean machinery, vessels, or pipework without disassembly. This typically results in high energy consumption as most of the conventional cosmetics production unites use hot water.

How does Manu Online’s cosmetic ERP software work?

In Manu Online, cosmetics and personal care companies can create all products with product structures of variants predefined, for example viscosity levels. 

Our multi-step routing, work cell screen and other production tools enables full control across the utilization of the machines, cost associations as well as accuracy of ingredient dosage, for better formula management.

Overall this empowers businesses in the cosmetic industry with real-time business data and the ability to manage costs in order to make better decisions.

For projects in the cosmetic industry or other industries the use of ERP solutins can end up shortening the lead time of delivery and the manufacturing cycle down, allowing companies to remain competitive by eliminating Excel and paper-based manual processes which only slow down productivity. 

And with a range of wider features including accounting software and support for web store management, it’s not just the production line that can benefit from our ERP solution.

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