A simple process for creating your first sales can be this:

  1. Ensure that you have your customer and product created (partners and items). Also optionally price lists.
  2. Manually make a stock adjustment on your sales item to allow it to be shipped (in normal operations you would either be purchasing or making products)
  3. Enter a sales order
  4. Dispatch the order
  5. Create the invoice for the order
  6. Transfer the invoice to your accounts.

ERP takes care of basic processes of a manufacturing company such as sales, purchase, inventory control, shipping, receiving and invoicing. Manu Online is almost always connected to an external accountancy system.

If you, or one of your team, has experience of one of the large ERP systems such as SAP, Netsuite or Microsoft Dynamics, you will find Manu Online easy to take into use.

If you are having challenges managing your business with spreadsheets or a system that is too simple for your operations, you will benefit from the power and scaleability of Manu Online.

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