The question we are most commonly asked by new customers is how long does implementation take?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer as we see so many different kinds of customers, and each company is in a different level of development. In general implementation is not as tough as you may fear so long as you follow some simple steps and as necessary some support from our manufacturing consultants.

Previous know-how?

If you or your people have been using another ERP system, even in a different company, then we have seen that implementation is much easier. This is because you have the knowledge in-house of how these systems work. Manu Online is considerably easier to implement than one of the big international ERP systems. This is because we are focused on production processes and inventory control in manufacturing companies, you will find that Manu Online is much closer to your requirements than a generic ERP system and so easier to implement.

Implementation – Focus on process

Don’t sweat data migration too early in the implementation. It is much easier to get a picture of what is going on in the system by creating just one product and getting that through all the stages. You will normally learn a lot about your business and the benefits that Manu Online can bring at this stage already.

Start simple

While all three of purchase, sales and production will need some basic functionality to keep inventory quantities correct in real time, it sometimes makes sense to start with just order-dispatch-invoice i.e. the sales process. This will get your invoicing under control soonest, as sending sales invoices correctly and promptly is the key to any business. Also consider at what point you need shop floor data collection (for work hours etc.). This is usually left until some months after the system is otherwise in operation.

Let us help you

Use our support and consultancy services to get you past any road blocks in the initial weeks, we are told this really pays off. There are some more complicated concepts in Manu Online that perhaps you have not seen in previous systems. They are there for a reason. Manufacturing can be complicated and our product helps manage that.

So how long does it take?

We have done urgent projects in under a week. Most projects are one to two months when people have other work to do at the same time. Our getting started guide has a template for both short format and long format projects. See which one is most suitable for your company. Get in touch with us. We can advise a lot when we know what the situation is in your company.

Don’t forget to check out our Getting Started Guide which has a whole lot more information about implementation projects.

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