Tracking attendance – Manu Online is a work order based ERP system for manufacturing companies. The core of cost collection is of course the production or service work orders. One of the five item types in Manu Online is Work Time. So you can have your “operators” book time to work orders as they work on jobs and their hourly cost rate is then applied to that product or service.

But how do you track who is at work? Not every minute is necessarily booked to a work order. This is where the time clock extension comes in. With this screen you can get people to clock in and out of work in a system to the good-old card stamping time clock that factories have used for decades.

Remember that the people on this screen are entered into the system as “Operators” which is different from a “user”. The user is the name that logs into Manu Online. In a typical manufacturing environment there are many more operators than users because screens are shared at work cells.

The Time Clock screen shows who is in and who is out. For the person to clock in or out, they just click their tile and choose the reason code. If the list is too long just filter by name or change the view to show only clocked in people or clocked out. (Tracking attendance with Manu Online time clock management)

The value list for clock codes is set in Admin – System settings. Typical values might be “End of shift”, “Lunch”, “Vacation” you can use anything that suits your company’s requirements.

To use the screen, the extension needs to be licensed and the user needs to have the Time clock role. We would recommend that you have a fixed IP number for your factory’s internet connection, create a specific user for each time clock that you set up in your factory and set that user’s access permissions to be only from this IP address. (IP address set up is in System Settings). If you set the user type to be “Time clock kiosk” then this user account can only access the time clock screen and does not use a concurrent user license.

Time clock management – Tracking attendance

For users that should see what is happening with clock ins, then give them the Time clock management role. This allows them to:

  • See an overview of which operators are clocked in and if they have time being booked to a work order.
  • Edit historical data for a user. For instance to correct an incorrect clock in or clock out
  • Take reports of time clock data.

Time clock reports

Time clock summary Shows the total hours clocked in for operators between two dates
Time clock report Shows the detail time clock activity for operators between two dates
Work time comparison An Exel report to compare clocked in time against time booked to work orders.


The license for the Time Clock is required on your system. Go to Admin – Licensing to check the set up of your system.

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