Configurable and Extendable Cloud Manufacturing Systems

Many mid-size manufacturers have reached the end of the road with their legacy on-site systems. However they are concerned that by moving to the cloud they will have to give up the flexibility and control of having direct access to their own data. Not with Manu Online Enterprise Edition.

Manu Online’s Portal and Open Data Warehouse features allow companies to keep copies of their critical data under their own possession for reporting and data security purposes. They can also extend the functionality of Manu Online for custom data collection to their same database or other business systems.

Introducing: the Manu Online Portal

Configurations can include:
  • Critical data stored in an SQL database either on site or on the cloud under the manufacturer’s full control and ownership
  • Business Intelligence reporting with any BI Tool
  • Compliance approval by having key data stored outside of the provider (Manu Online)
  • A highly configurable Portal allows full configuration of user screens to suit their roles.
  • Embed PowerBI or other systems information in the same screens.
  • Unlimited extension of custom data collection screens by embedding Microsoft Power Apps into the Portal
  • Link in Manu Online data to data collections screens. For instance list open work orders for collecting process specific quality data.
Complete setup

Our team has experience with various customer integrations – as well as supporting our open API.

Cloud or on-site? Manu Online Portal delivers the best of both worlds.

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Manu Online Portal is currently a technology preview. If you wish to work with this, please contact us.