Cloud ERP

Manu Online is a cloud-based ERP

Used for:

– Materials supply
– Import / Export
– Work-order based manufacturing
– Manufacturing as a subcontractor


Manu Online is used in the manufacturing
of electronics, plastics, air conditioning
systems, automation products, boats,
cosmetics, industrial chemicals, aerospace
components amongst many others.

MRP Engine

Our MRP (Materials Resource Planning)
engine allows you to plan and manage
sales, purchasing, manufacturing, stock
control and invoicing.  Because it is a fully
integrated solution your sales and purchase
activities are integrated directly to the status
of procurement and production.

Advanced Tools

The application provides sophisticated
ERP features such as:

– Customer item code mapping
– Drop shipments
– Allocation of production quantities to sales

Real-time Planning

Our real time planning engine handles your
procurement based on your net
requirements from sales and manufacturing.
Never again are critical components
“forgotten” and remembered only when it is
time to ship to the customer.

Immediate Benefits

– No software nor update installations, faster
– High end features in an affordable system.
– Professional and secure data storage.

Enterprise Grade

The Manu Online service has been running
since 2000. We have never had a day’s
outage. That kind of reliability is almost
impossible to achieve with a traditional,
purchased system.

No up-front costs

Manu Online is a Saas system which means
you do not need to invest in, or maintain a
complex IT infrastructure

All Editions:

  • User management with access rights by role.
  • Login from anywhere or restrict by ip address.
  • Company settings parameters to provide accepted values for user listings such as customer families etc.
  • Item registry with five item types materials, work time, machine time, subcontract and cost.
  • Original manufacuturer item code mapping.
  • Customer item code mapping.
  • Manufacturing process information for manufactured items.
  • Make or buy change.
  • Stock activity and planned stock activity.
  • Partner register (suppliers, customers etc.)
  • Supplier to represented manufacturer mapping.
  • Order histories etc.
  • Personnel register at partner.

Standard Features:

  • Advanced sales order handling.
  • Version control
  • Drop shipments
  • Back-to-back purchases
  • Customer item number mapping
  • Multilevel component shortage analysis
  • Capacity and planned work requirements
  • Sales commissions to salesman or agent.
  • Sell from stock or create dedicated work order for the sales order line.
  • Edit the product structure from the sales order line
  • Advance payments
  • Margin calculation

Optional Extensions:

  • Sales order tracking details
  • Agreements and periodic invoicing
  • After sales product tracking
  • Projects
  • Sales forecasts
  • Sales quotations

Standard Features:

  • Advanced purchase order handling
  • Version control
  • Vendor item number mapping
  • Approved supplier/approved manufacturing linking

Optional Extensions:

  • Bulk purchase planner
  • Supplier quotations
  • PartnerNet (Supplier Extranet)

Standard Features:

Full inventory management

  • Sales order shipping
  • Purchase order receiving

Optional Extensions:

  • Multilocation inventory
  • Multiple shipping units

Standard Features:

  • Production work orders
  • Allocation of production quantities to sales orders
  • Recording of work hours
  • Recording of planned and unplanned item usage
  • By-products
  • Extensive options for backflush of work and materials etc.

Optional Extensions:

  • Serial numbers and lot tracking
  • Production planner
  • Time clock
  • Item dimensions
  • Multiple step routing
  • Barcodes
  • Service work orders
  • Work order pick lists

Standard Features:

  • Sales invoices
  • Invoice generation from shipments, direct sales, periodic or services work orders
  • Payment import from Xero for credit tracking
  • Purchase invoicing against receipts and subcontract work
  • Connection to support accountancy packages

Optional Extensions:

  • Multicurrency (updated from
  • Purchase invoice approvals
  • Sales/purchase advance invoicing
“Having been involved in a number of large company ERP projects during my career, I would not have bought into a company like Delcon if they had not had a properly running system. Manu Online is the perfect system for a €1 million company.”
Ilkka Temmes, Delcon Ltd
“We acquired AT Power Throttles with a clear objective of increasing sales by 400% within 3 years. One of the first jobs was to put in a proper system to manage and automate our business processes. Manu Online was the system that beat all others we looked at.”
Chris Goldspink, AT Power Throttles Ltd
“A fire in our offices destroyed the server with our old ERP system. Manu Online stepped up to the challenge and we had all our basic business processes running again in less than a week. When you loose a server suddenly due to a fire, you really appreciate the benefits of cloud systems.”
Matt Davies, Ceandess