Home screens’ layouts are now easy to edit.

Home screens’ layouts are now customisable inside Manu Online. You can edit the layout of the objects (“Widgets”).

Note to do this you need “Management” rights in your user accounts. Management rights are what gives you the right to other users’ data. Without this, in most parts of the system, you can view only data created by yourself. As the widgets are designed to display company-wide data then you need this right.

To add, remove or reorder widgets on any of your home screens, the click the icon in the right of the blue header bar.

Edit Widgets

This will open the widget selector screen:

Close the Editor from the top right red cross button and the widgets on that screen will be updated.

Therefore if you need to have faster access to see overdue sales invoices, overdue purchase invoices or anything else it’s never been easier. It will save you a few clicks. If you need to access your recent suppliers to find out further information, it is just as easy. If you are a production manager and you need the open production orders in your main dashboard, that is possible as well. Regardless of the department, you can customise your home page to give you the exact information you need without the extra clicks.

Manu Online will continue to develop more key indicators for the home screen’s layout.

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