What is the purpose of serial number tracking?

3 simple benefits to use it in your manufacturing operation

Everything is identified in our modern society by serial numbers! Serial numbers make researching everything about any product or service easier and more convenient. The use of serial numbers also has links also to inventory management and product tracking.

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1. Stock management

Serial numbering can help speed up transactional processes in your manufacturing and inventory control. Nearly always, serial numbers are labeled on to products with barcodes or RFID, and these can be read by scanners on the product’s journey through production, warehousing and on to the customer.


2. After-sales

Find out immediately everything about warranties and repairs for specific products. Especially for high-value products with multiple components, it can be difficult without serial number tracking in place. If any of your clients report that an item of the product was faulty, you will be able to find out which specific piece was from the item card and therefore replace it. Instead of pulling everything back to check which will result in a lot of time lost. Complete everything with a few clicks.

“If someone gives us the serial number of a product, for instance in the event of a return and repair, I can type in the serial number and find out does it have a warranty, what part number, etc. especially when we have many variations on our products, where we sent it to.”

Niel Benn, Managing Director, Ziath

3. Compliance

Create a unique identification number that shows everything about the product. For instance, in more regulated industries such as medical device manufacturing, every product needs to have a unique device number. This enables tracking of the product back to it’s exact “as-built” structure and can include who of the individual employees have worked on the product at what time. This will give visibility across the individual devices for the manufacturer or other stakeholders such as service engineers.

Track every item from the moment you created it all the way through to its sale. Find out what, when and to whom you sold within a few seconds.

No longer is there a need to battle through unmanageable spreadsheets to find information. Accelerate the growth of your manufacturing operation by automating everything.

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