System settings

Admin in Manu Online – Company setting contain the parameters that determine the operation of the system. Also, the lists for the choices on the drop-down lists from through out the system are specified here. The reason for specifying the choices in on the drop down lists in the company settings area is to ensure that all your users work consistently with company policy. For instance, if your company supports payment terms of only ‘30 days net’ and ‘14 days -2%’, then it is not possible for any user to select any other alternative when creating a sales order.

Although the system will work with the default values supplied, the system will be considerably more powerful and easier to use if a thorough study is made of the correct selections for your own company. It is also strongly recommended to change the default password for your new users to help ensure your system security.

Admin in Manu Online – Drop down lists are specified for currencies, units of measure, text fields, countries, partner groups, cost centres, VAT rates, bookkeeping accounts, bank accounts, budgets, delivery methods, delivery terms, payment terms, price lists, projects, machines, item families, operators, package types, shelf locations, cost codes.

User information – Admin in Manu Online

Any user who has system administration rights may create new user accounts in the system. User information defines the users of the service in your company and how the system will work for each individual user.

A unique user ID is created for each user. The user ID forms the second part of the user’s log-in name in the form ‘companyname.userid. Each user will have one or more roles which enable access to different parts of the system. Users may select their own language with which they use the system.

When a new user ID is created, the new user will be emailed the user name and a password. The password will need to be changed on first login. The first user of the system (the email address given when the system was created, unless it has been updated) will be sent an informational email that a new user has been created and by whom. For this reason it is strongly recommened that the data for the user marked “First user” is kept current.

If a person already has a user account for Manu Online, but is does not have access to your system, it is possible to give that person access without creating a new user name. This is useful in multicompany environments, or when a certain person is providing services to several companies using Manu Online.

For instance an accountant may be doing work for several companies. That accountant’s user name is ‘accountantsoffice.john’. This user name can be given rights to the invoicing section in several companies. This type of account is sometimes referred to as an “affiliate account”. When that person logs in to the system they will be presented with a list of companies to which they have been given access, and they select the appropriate company. It is possible to have multiple companies open at one time, each in its own window.

User ID’s for a subcontractor

Admin in Manu Online – User ID’s can be given to staff at subcontractors. Unlike the information of your own employees, the users lD’s of your subcontractors’ employees are linked to the company name of the subcontractor. With this kind of user ID it is possible to access only those work orders and factory operations where the subcontractor is marked as the manufacturer or receiving party.

Specifying user roles – Admin in Manu Online

An individual user has rights to use the system based on the roles. Each user must have at least one role and will often have multiple roles to grant access to particular parts of the system. By default each user has full rights over any business object, such as a sales order, that he or she has created, but no rights over business objects created by other people. If the user is granted ‘Management Rights’, then that user has full rights also over objects created by other people. It is possible to transfer business objects from one person to another, for instance if a salesman leaves the company, his orders may be transferred to another salesman. It is also possible to specify if a user has the right to see cost information.

Internet access control

It is possible, and recommended, to set user access by Internet address. Each user can be linked to a single Internet addresses or a list of addresses. This is done using “IP numbers”. In this way the system administrator can restrict the access to certain physical locations. It is recommended to specify from your Internet service provider a fixed IP address for your main office and factory. In this way certain users can be limited so that they can only access the system from this location.

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