Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

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How does Manu Online’s ERP software for apparel manufacturers work?

In Manu Online, apparel businesses can create all products with product structures of variants predefined. As orders come in, the exact demand can be taken into manufacturing.

Buffering with common sizes and colours is also possible in order to keep production running at full efficiency. Any buffered inventory is then immediately taken into account in the next scheduled work. Buffering can also be made at common sub-product levels, which helps speed up subsequent manufacturing when the exact demand is known.

Manu Online’s ERP system takes the load out of calculating what should be made.

As a result, it could be done every day, or even during the day.

For projects in the apparel industry or other industries this can end up shortening the lead time of delivery and the manufacturing cycle down from weeks to just a day, enabling next-day dispatch for your customers.