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Supplier quotations


Quotations from suppliers can be stored in the system. They can be used together with the purchase automation extension, selected from a purchase order, or just viewed from the item card.  Supplier quotations can be entered to the system directly or transferred in bulk using an Excel spreadsheet.


  1. Can be used together with the purchase planner option to fully automate purchase order creation against a supplier’s own quotation.
  2. Supports mapping of item id’s to manufacturer part numbers
  3. Supports foreign currency exchange rate tracking
  4. A preferred quotation can be set to override other quotations.
  5. The purchase planner can be set to select from the best of several quotations.

Getting Started

  1. License the option from the Admin menu.
  2. On the Purchase menu, go to the Supplier Quotations dashboard to create a new supplier quotation.
  3. Optionally use the Excel upload facilities to upload a supplier’s price list in bulk from the Other operations dashboard.