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Multi-location inventory


“Multilocation inventory” allows you to keep inventory in different locations. It is possible to purchase items to certain locations, sell from different locations. It enables a material transfer screen that allows you to send batches of materials from one location to another.

It is possible to configure the scheduling system so that sales orders are scheduled from their own location, or make all inventory available from all locations.

If used together with the multicompany option it is possible to open work orders at a subcontractor’s location. In this way you can configure a “virtual manufacturing” organisation. Material can be ordered to a subcontractor’s site, work orders opened there, then product shipped directly to the customer.


  1. Allows stock to be kept at multiple physical locations e.g. sales office, subcontractor etc.
  2. Transfer process for moving stock between locations
  3. Allows sales from, and purchase to, different locations
  4. Stock in remote locations can be generally available for scheduling or not

Getting Started

  1. Contact Manu Online support to enable this extensions on your system.
  2. Inventory can be stored at any partner location. To create a specific inventory location, create a partner for it.
  3. On sales orders and purchase orders use the deliver from or deliver to address. On the Warehouse menu, create a material transfer operation to move items from one location to another.