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Drop shipments


Drop shipments are where goods are delivered directly from a supplier to a customer. (Of course this can apply to own manufactured items).

There are two options:

Back to back orders              A purchase order is created with the same lines as a sales order but is shipped to your normal warehouse

Drop shipments                     The purchase order is delivered directly from the supplier to the customer.


  1. Saves on handling costs if an order is shipped directly to the customer.
  2. With back to back orders, by passes the inventory allocation system. Orders are exactly matched to sales orders.
  3. Purchase orders are created automatically, so data entry is reduced.

Getting Started

  1. License the option from the Admin menu.
  2. On a sales order header tab, check the box for back to back order and optionally also for drop shipment.
  3. Activate the order when the sales order is entered correctly
  4. A prompt will ask you if you want to edit the purchase order immediately. Do this or later go to the Purchase section and complete the order.
  5. Activate the purchase order. Note that the delivery address of the purchase order will be the deliver to address of the sales order.
  6. When the order is shipped, first make a receipt for the purchase order and then a shipment for the sales order.