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Customer returns


Allows the management of product returns by customers. A return is allocated a number for tracking, and it is possible to return the products back to stock, scrap them or return them back to the customer. Repair costs can be recorded.


  1. Provide better customer service by allowing customers to return product. Particularly useful for postal sales but also for general warranty returns.
  2. Can allocate repair resources to the return.
  3. Can scrap, return or put to stock the returned items.
  4. Can generate a RMA (Return Material Authorization) for controlling returns from customers
  5. Can optionally be included or excluded from the commission reports for salesmen.

Getting Started

  1. Contact Manu Online support to enable this extensions on your system.
  2. In company settings, define your own return codes which will be used in reports and classification. Create any standard text elements that you may wish to print on a customer’s return documents.
  3. In the Warehouse menu, click on Customer Returns and then New to create a new return.