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Barcodes in production


Use barcode readers to do a number of different data entry actions when handling work orders. For instance step completion, work time recording or material issue.


  1. Automates process flows in manufacturing.
  2. Saves data entry time.

Getting Started

  1. License the extension from the Admin menu.
  2. Evaluate the different uses of barcodes to automate your manufacturing process flows. Document your process.
  3. Print out the necessary barcode reports, or create your own barcodes in an external program such as Excel or from a specialized barcode label printer.
  4. Procure barcode readers. Best are the USB laser scan types.


The system supports a variety of barcode commands. Bar codes can be used for the following:

  1. Step start pause completion on multistep routing.
  2. Record material usage to work orders.
  3. Record work time to work orders.
  4. Print out production related labels at a certain point in production.
  5. Clock-in and clock-out for operators.
  6. Receive materials from purchases.
  7. Miscellaneous data entry in various places such as recording serial numbers to work orders.