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After sales product tracking


Allows you to track product after it has been shipped to the customer.

This extension allows use of a “Product tracking” card where details of a shipped product can be viewed and edited. If a product has serial number specified, the product tracking card will be created automatically.


  1. Central register of shipped product that can be edited for current location.
  2. View “as-built” product structure and store warranty information
  3. Can integrate with service work orders to keep a full record of after-sales service.
  4. Mark a product’s history with notes using the memo extension. Useful for keeping a complete history of activities related to the product after it has been shipped to the customer.
  5. Extend the functionality by adding custom fields to the data.

Getting Started

  1. Check you have the serial numbers and lot tracking extension licensed.
  2. License this extension from the licensing wizard in the Admin main menu.
  3. New product tracking data will be created when product is produced or shipped
  4. Access the product tracking card from the Sales menu
  5. Contact support if you wish to make a bulk update of date, for instance to install a list of tracked products from a previous system.